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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Global Economic Landscape in 2012

On March 23, I attended a talk on the world’s economic and financial landscape. The speaker, Stephen Wong, is a former managing director of an investment bank and now a part-time instructor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The talk was succinct and informative, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sharing many of Stephen’s opinions, I’d like to recap them here. I’ll also add my own points of view, which are in the Comment sections scattered in the posts.

This 6-part series covers the American and Chinese economies as well as the European debt crisis. To better understand the global macroeconomic environment, act now and click on the links below:
Part 1  The U.S. Economy: Private Deleveraging and the Slow Return to Growth 
Part 2  The Chinese Economy: Structural Imbalances 
Part 3  The Chinese Economy: Slowdown for the Sake of Future Growth 
Part 4  The Eurozone Crisis: Problems of a Currency Union 
Part 5  The Eurozone Crisis: Not a Matter of Fiscal Irresponsibility 
Part The Eurozone Crisis: Differences between the U.S. and the Euro Area 

In today’s globalized world, what happens in countries thousands of miles away can have a direct impact on your life. The global economy, besides having a growing impact on our life, is an integral part in our understanding of the world. Thus, whatever country you live in and whatever industry you work in, it’s useful to learn more about the world economy.

I hope youll enjoy this exciting journey to explore the world economy. Youre most welcome to leave a comment.

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