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Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Increase Your Competitiveness and Land Your Dream Job

Competition among firms has become more intense in recent years, as firms need to compete across borders in the age of globalization. Similarly, in the labor market, competition is increasing because we now need to compete with workers from all over the world.
In the pursuit of lower costs, companies have automated production processes and offshored operations to countries like India and Bangladesh. In most developed countries, unemployment rates are high by historical standards. It seems increasingly hard to have the job of your dreams.
But no worries! This 4-part series will show you the key to career success and fulfillment. Click the links to unlock the secrets to getting your dream job:
Hopefully you’ll find this series helpful in your personal and career development. You’re most welcome to leave a comment or raise a question. Thank you and I wish you a fulfilling career!

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